About me

Hey everybody, I’m Jeff Page and I’ve got a problem. OK, I’ve really got eight genetically linked problems…aka kids. Some of them are finally through (or almost through) college, and I’ve got a little more time on my hands than I’m used to. So, rather than squander it watching television, building birdhouses, or generally making myself happy…I decided to start a blog. Everybody tells me I should “write a book”, but that’s not in the cards. At least not yet. I’m lucky to get a few blog posts done every week.

But I do feel like I have something interesting to say. And I’m kind of sarcastic, so much of what I say tends towads the humorous. At least I think so. My kids just shake their heads and pretty much all reply in unison, “Oh Dad” on a good day or “OMG Dad!” on my “best” days.

I live in the middle of Kansas, outside the small city of Hutchinson. My oldest daughter lives in Brooklyn, NY, one daughter is in college in Storm Lake, IA, another in college in Boulder, CO, and a third in college in Castine, ME. I’ve got three high schoolers (Senior, Junior, and Freshman) and a 5th grader.

I’m a nerd by trade. Literally. I love technology and have more generations of gadgetry than I’m willing to admit (although my stuffed basement, shed, and storage facility are frequent reminders). I’ve been in technology stuff since college in the mid-1980’s. That makes me old for a tech guy, having hit the half-century mark last December (2012).

My wife is a physician, and between us we’re involved in a half-dozen or so businesses. I’ve coached all sorts of sports, but spent most of my time coaching track and soccer. At one point I was coaching six youth soccer teams, and I only had kids on five of them. I’m also a dismal failure at lots of things, but I give everything the old “college try”. When I fail, I dust myself off and try again. Rinse and repeat. It’s a never ending battle.

Join me as I talk about life’s challenges and triumphs. Sometimes you’ll get a kick in the pants, sometimes you’ll get affirmations, and sometimes you’ll even giggle at the situations that I get myself into.