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ToolsThese are the tools that I use on my computer, iPhone, and iPad to try and enhance my productivity.  I don’t play games on any of may electronic devices, and as I’ve gotten busier my time simply browsing social networks, especially Facebook, has dropped off dramatically. I do spend a little time each day looking through my Instagram and Facebook feeds. Most of my social media time is spent in Twitter though. And even that has been diminished as I’ve tried to focus on building up the Hectic brand name.

With that as a basis, I do think it’s helpful to see what tools other folks are using and how they use them, so I’m forging ahead with this master post that will link to a more in-depth post about how I use each specific tool. This is definitely a work in progress, so please come back and visit often. I’ll do my best to update everybody when I add a lot to this post.

I’ve vacillated between listing the software under the platform where it’s used (computer, iPad, iPhone) versus listing the apps by type. For now, the list is going to be by type. At the present time, this makes the most sense to me. Especially considering that many of the apps are used across my devices. At some point I may highlight how I have the apps organized…and that will mean a discussion of them on the specific devices.

It’s been a slow process, but I’m writing posts about all the tools that I use to enhance my productivity

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